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Share your photos with family and friends the easy way.

Take a look on your options to find the best service for online photo sharing to create online photo albums and host your pictures for easy access for everyone or for the selected few family members and friends.

The whole idea of photo sharing builds on the easy access to the Internet we now enjoy from all over the World. Linked with the widespread use of digital cameras it gives all of us this picture sharing possibility from home or on vacation or from anywhere else.

Some providers of online photo sharing give a free offer, at least for some time or as an introduction, others ask for a low or higher annual fee. If free there might be a catch you have to be aware of. The companies offering online photo albums are mainly living of the income generated from their customers ordering prints.

Be careful to look after the possibility to be spammed when you deliver your email address.

Here is the best breed of online photo sharing opportunities and online web albums I know of.
When I mention a fee, I round it up, i.e. not 29.95 USD, but 30 USD to make the comparison easier for a quick overview. All links open in new windows to facilitate your comparison of photo sharing and web album options.

Smugmug online photo sharing

Smugmug was the choice of PC Magazine (03.16.04 ): 'SmugMug ($29.95 per year) strikes the best balance between ease of use and options, offering a nice selection of built-in styles for displaying your photos and some slick photo-editing abilities' ... 'creates very attractive photo galleries.'

Smugmug describes themselves as: 'Photo sharing done right. Easily create online photo albums. Share, store, organize and print.'

The real amazing thing with the online photo albums Smugmug are offering is that you can upload as many pictures as you want - thousands - millions! This is even the case for the free trial where you can upload unlimited numbers of photos

The standard account of Smugmug gives access to all the main features for your online photo albums for less than 30 USD/year.

The Power user account of Smugmug gives in addition a number of features, e.g. the possibility to ad video clips to your online photo albums, all for less than 50 USD/Year.

See an example of online photo albums here from one user.

The Pro account of Smugmug for photographers (also catering for businesses and popular people - and people who want to be popular) ads to the previous features the possibility for photographers to sell their online pictures to viewers of the online photo albums. They can order professional prints and create an earning for the photographer. The pro account gives a number of other important options, the most important might be the possibility to use own domain name for the professional online photo galleries. The cost is less than 100 USD/Year.



Please excuse me if any features or prices have been changed. 'Photo Soren'







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